Monday, January 14, 2013

abs and butt

usual warm up

1 min for each move; run through 3 times

1) 1 leg squat
2) Russian twist w/ 8 lb ball
3) jumping squats
4) plank jacks
5) squat w/ 20 lb ball throw
6) scissor crunch
7) back lunge (alt. legs)
8) plank to pike (start in plank, walk hands to pike, walk back to plank)
9) standing side leg lift (switch at 30 sec)
10) side plank (switch at 30)

finish with 1 handed plank (30 sec each side) and 1 min wall sit

Friday, January 11, 2013

i finally went to the gym!

i finally made it to the gym! which means i was able to integrate the treadmill into my workout. here it is:

run .5 miles at 5 incline
50 squats
100 mountain climbers
10 bicep curls w/ 15 lbs

repeat 2 more times and finish with .5 mile run

not the most challenging workout ever, but i haven't felt well the last few weeks and after not running for so long, those two miles at an incline were hard!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

stability cardio

i miss running! hubby is injured and on light duty so his schedule is different and i haven't been able to get to the gym much. "run outside," you might be thinking...well, you run outside in subzero temps! i know, i know, there are people who do. well, those people are buck nutty and i refuse to be one of them! so, because i haven't been running i decided i needed to kick up the cardio at home; and what's the best way to up your heart rate without a treadmill? JUMPING!!! so i came up with this workout to get my blood pumping.

warm up
100 jump rope
50 high knee
50 jumping jacks
50 standing cross hand to foot

20 reps of each move; 3 times through

chest press on stability ball
jump squats
side leg lift on stability ball
box jump
bent over row on stability ball
squat with ball throw
push up on stability ball
sumo jumps
bridge on stability ball
pull ups (10 reps instead of 20)

ab work on stability ball from pinterest
not sure who came up with this originally, but it's a good one. thanks, whoever you are.

Monday, January 7, 2013

50 and 20

usual warm up

50 jump squats
50 alt. back lunges
50 standing side leg lifts (each leg)

1 min wall sit

20 push ups
20 tricep dips on chair
20 side plank lifts (each side)

30 sec one arm plank (each side; balancing on small medicine ball)

run through this 3 times

finish it all up by holding superman for 1 min

Thursday, January 3, 2013


my workout from yesterday:
warm up
100 jump rope
50 high knees
50 jumping jacks
50 standing hand to foot

set interval timer for 10 sec rest 50 sec work. then three rounds of four moves

1. using dip station do a tricep dip, come up swing legs in front and open to V
2. squat with 20lb ball throw
3. wood chopper with 12.5 lb weight
4. superman roll over to crunch

new obsession

my new obsession: stability balls

all exercises on stability ball

20 upper back extensions
20 push ups with pike
20 toe touches with ball between feet
20 single leg bridges
20 double leg bridges w/ leg extension
20 crunch with 8 lb. medicine ball
20 chest press w/ 15 lb dumbbell and back on ball
20 side leg raises (rest upper body on ball with supporting leg bent lift outside leg to parallel with floor)
20 inner thigh press (lie on back, put ball between legs, and squeeze) (yes, i do know how that sounds...grow up!)
20 back on ball leg extensions (put ball between shoulder legs, keep legs bent to 90 degrees. slowly straighten one leg keeping parallel to floor and core tight. switch legs)
20 superman legs (resting elbows on floor and stomach on ball lift legs)
15 bent over row (each leg) found here