Thursday, December 30, 2010


so the holidays are finally over. my husband worked overtime christmas eve night and all day on christmas. so, we had our family christmas on sunday. our kids are little, so they don't care when christmas is, just so long as it comes. we were able to do something that very few people will ever be able to say they have done: we had dinner at the fire station christmas night. there is something so comforting about being surrounded by other women and children who are living the same life i am. i don't know about other fire departments, but the two i have experience with have both been very family oriented. loved hanging out with all the fire families at the station.
a few days ago i went through my oldest two children's drawers. i found a few things that i knew would be perfect to "recycle". i cut off a pair of my son's old jeans, added some cute fabric and came up with this skirt.

then i cut up two shirts and a pair of pants to make this cozy scarf. i told my son we would go to the store and get some material to make him a scraf.

in other news, i stuck to my goal of maintaining my weight for the holiday season. now it's really time to kick it into gear and lose these extra 10 lbs.
wish me luck!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

flamingo toes giveaway

go to to check out her latest giveaway. she also has great tutorials (especially for jewelery).

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

no kids for 3 days

tomorrow 3 of the 4 kids are headed down to grandma's!!!! is it wrong that i am so, so, so excited? i love my kids, but 3 days without them (bonus: hubby is home the whole time) is the best christmas gift i could have right now. baby #4 is such a good baby, but he has added a huge amount of stress to my life. i feel like i'm always a step behind on everything, and this small break will do me wonders. we also have some fun events planned over the next few days. tomorrow night is the c shift work party. for $50 i'm expecting some dang good food. then friday night we are having a murder mystery party with some friends. should be good times. i've also been working on some different holiday crafts. when i get the next one finished i will post pictures.

Friday, December 3, 2010

those extra 10 lbs

alright, so we all know the holidays (basically halloween through christmas) are not the best time to try to lose weight. especially not those extra 10 baby weight lbs. so, i'm not going to try. what i am going to do is try to maintain my current weight and then after the holidays really start kicking my booty back into shape. as motivation for myself, i'm going to periodically post my diet (as in the food i eat, not as in trying to eat healthy) and exercise routines. yikes! out there for anyone to see! i took a small break from my yoga routine to post this. since it's still early, i haven't had breakfast yet, but i'm planning on yogurt and toast. alright, wish me luck.