Thursday, January 6, 2011

the toughest

so, the toughest part of being married to a fireman, is coming to terms with the fact that your husband has another family, completely separate from you. in my husband's case, he has 100 men that he claims as brothers. they live together, eat together, sleep in cubicles beside each other, play pranks, watch t.v., laugh, fight, and almost daily face potentially deadly circumstance together. each man has to know that the guy standing next to him in a fire is willing and able to sacrifice his life for his brother. they share a bond, that even as a wife, i do not (and cannot) share with my husband. of course we have a different kind of bond. but there is something about the bond between firemen that surpasses understanding. it is a bond that goes beyond friendship, because friendships can fail. it is a bond that forms even if two firemen don't necessarily get along that well. it is one that i am proud to support my husband in, even if it means there is a part of his life i cannot enter.
the toughest part of having a fireman for a husband, is being a fireman's wife.


  1. You are gonna make me grab my Kleenex box in a minute! Such a relationship that we will never understand, huh??
    Great little tribute.

  2. I am an old friend of Justin and Janneil's... but I have to agree with you, My husband is a Soldier and its the same thing.. I will never understand.. but come to terms that, that is how it will be... but I am proud of any man who serves our country whether a Soldier or a Fireman!
    Lesa (Caudle) Miller