Monday, October 17, 2011

coupon shopping!

so i am by no means the "queen of coupons". i coupon clip and try to find the best deals, but i'm not one of those super-women who can walk out of a store with 3 overflowing gocery baskets for only $10. that being said, i am pretty proud of today's shopping excursion. all this

for $67!
it's kind of hard to see what's in the back so just b/c it makes me happy, here's a run down of what's in the pic.
6 bags of nestle candy (for the "trick-or-treaters")
4 boxes of betty crocker muffin mix
1 box of fun-da-middles cupcake mix
2 boxes fiber one bars
1 pkg betty crocker potatoes
3 boxes pillsbury frozen breakfasts
5 boxes of cereal
4 boxes of go-gurts
10 cartons of yogurt
2 2lb blocks of tillamook cheese
4 apples
2 bags of salad
4 1lb boxes of butter
1 pantene shampoo
1 pantene conditioner
2 tubs of margarine
18 eggs
loaf of bread
plus 70 extra box tops for my kid's school
plus $.15 off per gallon of gas at albertsons
like i said, i'm sure some maniac couponer could have gotten all this for $5, but for me i'm pretty happy with $67.

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  1. That's great Tiffany! Good job!! :) I'm impressed.