Saturday, September 22, 2012

keepin' fit

last saturday i competed in my first full marathon! i could not believe the sense of accomplishment i felt at the end. i told my husband that the only thing that made me prouder of my body than finishing the marathon was giving birth. it was awesome, i'm so glad i did it, and i probably won't do another one for a few years. with 4 young kids and my husbands crazy work schedule i felt like most days i had to decide between being a mom or training for my race. so, for now, i will stick with the half marathons.
i also have some other running goals to work on. next summer i want to run a ragnar relay race and participate in a tough mudder.
that being said, i really didn't want to run today. i just felt like using my muscle in a different way. the gym was out to the questions because hubs is working today and i refuse to pay a babysitter while i work out. so i came up with my own workout for this morning. best part: no equipment needed!
here it is:

10 squats
10 pushups
10 plank jacks
10 sumo squats
10 tricep dips (i did these on a chair but you could do them on the floor)
10 hand to foot cross crunches
10 lunges each leg (i alternated frontward and backward each set)
10 burpees
10 superman
10 plank knee to shoulder

set the timer for 30 mins and busted out as many as i could. i did 6 sets in 29 min. and the last min i did one rep of each exercise for a cool down. it was a fun, quick workout. weights could be added or sets increased.

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