Saturday, December 8, 2012

two more workouts

it's cold outside. i do not run in the cold. so i've been logging 15-18 miles a week on the treadmill at the gym. i go early in the morning plug my cheap headphones into the t.v. on the treadmill and run for an hour while watching "dog the bounty-hunter".

is anybody else obsessed with a&e reality shows like i am? i mean can anything be more exciting than watching barry and dave go at it over a storage unit? and then you get poor daryl walking away a loser most of the time. and we don't even have cable! i have to get my a&e fix when we stay with my mom. so basically every time we go to her house i spend hours catching up on my faves. but, i digress.

this post is supposed to be about what i do when i'm not running. there are days when i simply throw a p90x or bazillian butt lift or even zumba dvd and go for it. no thinking involved, just follow the scantly clad models who never seem to sweat and never stop smiling.

but other days i like to put on my thinking cap and come up with my own workouts. i especially like putting together quick hiit workouts; ones reminiscent of something you would find on a crossfit website.

this is 11 moves, 10 rounds. first round=10 reps of each move, second round=9 reps of each move, and so on down to tenth round=1 rep of each move. at the end of each round i alternated between a 30 sec plank or a 30 sec wall squat. alright, here are the moves:
1. pull up
2. push up
3. burpee
4. squat
5. sumo squat
6. squat jumps
7. back lunge
8. bicep curl to shoulder press
9. front/back/side kick combo
10. superman

a note about superman: this is my favorite move to hate. love the results hate doing them.

five moves for five rounds as fast as you can
1. 5 pullups
2. 10 pushups
3. 15 jumping jacks
4. 20 squats
5. 1 min plank

so there they are, my two newest babies. hope someone out there does one (or both) of them and has as much fun with it as i did.

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