Thursday, January 3, 2013

new obsession

my new obsession: stability balls

all exercises on stability ball

20 upper back extensions
20 push ups with pike
20 toe touches with ball between feet
20 single leg bridges
20 double leg bridges w/ leg extension
20 crunch with 8 lb. medicine ball
20 chest press w/ 15 lb dumbbell and back on ball
20 side leg raises (rest upper body on ball with supporting leg bent lift outside leg to parallel with floor)
20 inner thigh press (lie on back, put ball between legs, and squeeze) (yes, i do know how that sounds...grow up!)
20 back on ball leg extensions (put ball between shoulder legs, keep legs bent to 90 degrees. slowly straighten one leg keeping parallel to floor and core tight. switch legs)
20 superman legs (resting elbows on floor and stomach on ball lift legs)
15 bent over row (each leg) found here

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