Tuesday, January 8, 2013

stability cardio

i miss running! hubby is injured and on light duty so his schedule is different and i haven't been able to get to the gym much. "run outside," you might be thinking...well, you run outside in subzero temps! i know, i know, there are people who do. well, those people are buck nutty and i refuse to be one of them! so, because i haven't been running i decided i needed to kick up the cardio at home; and what's the best way to up your heart rate without a treadmill? JUMPING!!! so i came up with this workout to get my blood pumping.

warm up
100 jump rope
50 high knee
50 jumping jacks
50 standing cross hand to foot

20 reps of each move; 3 times through

chest press on stability ball
jump squats
side leg lift on stability ball
box jump
bent over row on stability ball
squat with ball throw
push up on stability ball
sumo jumps
bridge on stability ball
pull ups (10 reps instead of 20)

ab work on stability ball from pinterest
not sure who came up with this originally, but it's a good one. thanks, whoever you are.

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