Wednesday, December 26, 2012

christmas recovery

we had a wonderful christmas. for the first time since we started a family we had christmas eve and christmas day at our own home. we have always split the holiday between both sides, but this year i just wanted to stay home. i did miss seeing family, but it was so nice to have our kids get up and find presents under our own tree.
my husband and i seemed to have fitness on the mind when shopping for each other's presents. i made him two medicine balls (one 20 lbs and one 8 lbs) and he bought my new workout clothes. so last night i penned this workout, using both medicine balls:

10 step workout or the chistmas recovery workout

warm up:
100 slow jump ropes
50 high knees
50 jumping jacks
50 standing cross hand to foot

5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 lunges (each leg)
20 plank jacks
25 step ups (with 15lb dumbbells)
30 mountain climbers (left/right=1 rep)
35 squats with 20 lb ball throw
40 russian twists using 8 lb ball
45 standing leg lifts
50 jumping jacks

then do the whole thing in reverse.

i've already come up with tomorrow's workout; it's a good one.
330 reps. all legs. plus wall sits.

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