Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Beginning

You would think that growing up the daughter of a fireman (yes a fireman, not a fire fighter) I would have come fully equipped to be the wife of a fireman. Unfortunately, the two situations are nothing alike. And equally unfortunate, there is no hand book on either one.
In the two years since my husband was hired on as a full time fireman, I have learned many things. One, to take joy in the moments we have together. Two, that as easy as it would be to make my children the center of my world, that is not healthy to my marriage. Three, it does no good to be jealous of my husband's "other" family. And four, in order to stay sane, I have had to find things that are my own. I have had to expand my comfort zone to include new people and activities. I try to learn about and create new things. Currently I am teaching myself to sew. I search other blogs for new craft ideas almost daily. While I would not consider myself incredibly creative, I do try to push my imagination in different directions.
This blog is one more way I am trying to explore new things. Hopefully I can learn and teach at the same time.

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