Sunday, November 21, 2010

Things that have kept me busy

So today I thought I'd post some of the projects that have been keeping me busy lately.
I've made pillows, fall decorations, and even a skirt (gasp!) with no pattern. Granted, none of these projects have a professional flare, but still, I'm pretty proud of myself for even trying some of these things. The skirt even has an invisible zipper. I bought myself an invisible zipper foot yesterday and it was actually pretty easy to use. One year ago, I would never have even attempted a zipper. This isn't bragging, but one of the things I really like about myself right now is that I willing to try new things. I find out what is needed to do something and I do it.
(side note: if you've never heard of a book called "It's Just my Nature" you should get it and read it. I'm not totally sold on everything in the book, but I do think it has some good explanations of why people act the way they do.)
So, back to the projects.

Easy Dollar Store crafts. The tray is an old picture frame from the D.I. I spray painted it and then. Rubbed a stain over it to give it a more distressed look.

Pillow I covered. My first attempt at gathering material.

I really like my pear and bird pillow.

Fun, fall, pumpkins.

A pillow for my daughter's bed. She loves pink and her name starts with an "A".

And, finally my skirt. Remember, I had no pattern and I really didn't know what I was doing. I'm not quite finished with it. I need to put some sort of embellishment on skirt and then I will be done.


  1. Love your blog and your pictures. Thanks for sharing, it makes it feel like we are not so far apart. You have done an awsome job with your projects an Im so proud you have taught yourselve new things. Love Taunie

  2. Super cute, Tiff. I love that pear pillow. If you are up for more craft ideas, my sister has a craft blog that is awesome., check it out.