Friday, November 26, 2010

dad in action!

so, the department was on holiday schedule today, meaning we could go see dad at the station. while we were there, the guys got a call for a fire alarm. it turned out to only be a broken sprinkler system. they have had a lot of those lately, as well as car accidents. we live in a very cold area. we have lows in the negatives.
anyway, the kids were able to see dad in action as he suited up in his turnouts and hopped on the truck. it's always fun to see him doing his job. there is just a certain excitement in his eyes as he's running to the firetruck. it makes me realize that even though he sometimes has to miss out on holidays and he moved me to a state i can honestly say i never wanted to live in and the pay isn't great, we made the right decision for him to follow this dream. how could i ever want him sitting behind a desk when running in to fires is obviously so much more fun for him? he really has found his perfect job.

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