Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holidays with a fireman

we are now coming up on the hardest time of year for any fireman's family. the holidays. don't get me wrong, i love the holidays. my favorite holiday is thanksgiving. and we are spending it with my fabulous in-laws this year.
the only problem is, that unlike most professions, fireman don't get a day off just to give thanks or open present with their children. we are lucky because my husband has thanksgiving off this year. unfortunately, he also works christmas (3 out of the next 4 christmas' actually).
thankfully, santa loves fireman and makes special trips just for them. we are celebrating christmas eve and christmas day on the 26 and 27. i'm not to upset about this. hopefully we will be able to spend some time at the fire station on christmas day. i remember celebrating many holidays on different days while growing up. one of the advantages of having a dad who was a fireman is that i understood (or at least thought i did) exactly what we were getting into when my husband suddenly, after 3 years of marriage, announced that he wanted to be a fireman.
as the kids get older and have more activities, birthdays and holidays missed, it will be harder and harder to get them to understand that sometimes dad just can't be there. of course they will get used to it, but that doesn't mean that sometimes it wouldn't just be nice to have dad there for everything important.
so, for tomorrow, i will just be glad to have my husband sitting beside me. i will just be thankful for everything he is there for, and i will continue to pray for God to allow him to be there for many years to come.
to all the families who will be eating dinner without their fathers tomorrow:
thank you and God bless.

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