Sunday, November 28, 2010

yesterday was one of those days

so, yesterday we decided to put up all our christmas decor. fun for the kids, not so much for me. up until 2 years ago i absolutely loved decorating for different holidays. but 2 years ago baby #3 was added and this year #4 was added, and now, the thought of adding even one more bit of chaos into my life sends me over the edge. so, i spent part of yesterday nearing a major freak out; rolling on the ground and praying that the mess would magically disappear. i guess i was hoping santa would send his elves to lend a mother a hand.
thankfully, i have a wonderful husband who, even though it took him awhile, stepped in and took over dinner and the kids. i guess he could tell by my yelling that it was time for me to take a break before i broke. ahh, how nice it was to finally take a shower at 5:00pm and get all the nasty, early morning, gym junk off.
so now our house is festive and i have to admit i'm glad. i've been thinking of different wreaths and center pieces i can make. not to mention christmas is my absolute favorite time to bake and experiment in the kitchen. like tonight i made an "apple upside-down spice cake". delicious on it's on, but will be fabulous with some homemade caramel sauce poured over it.
today has been much better than yesterday, even though hubby is at work. i took my famous fudge to church for the sunday school class i teach. had all the kids begging for more and asking for the recipe. this is a recipe handed down from my grandma and in order for my mom to give it to me i had to promise on my life to never give it out. i even had to refuse it to my mother-in-law. yikes! thankfully she is a very understanding woman.

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